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Copyright Dispute Attorney in Los Angeles

Using Copyrights to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Copyright laws exist to protect the creators of intellectual property from having their work duplicated, sold or distributed or otherwise used without their permission. There are many different types of intellectual property that may be protected by copyright, including literary works, musical compositions, art, audio recordings, photographs, designs, and software applications. Copyrights give creators legal control over the intellectual property they own. The act of registering your copyrighted material increases the likelihood of successful recovery of money damages in the event that your work is misappropriated.

How to Pursue Action Against Copyright Infringement

If your work is being unlawfully used by another person or business entity, you can take action to stop it. The first step may be as simple as requesting the offender to cease and desist from making further use of the protected material. Refusal to comply by the offender could and should result in the initiation of formal litigation. This is a challenge for people who do not have a legal background. Accordingly, it is wise to contact Campbell & Farahani, LLP to obtain the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney who can protect your rights.

Contact Our Los Angeles Contract Lawyerl

When you discover the unauthorized use of your intellectual property, the best course of action is to consult an attorney with Campbell & Farahani, LLP. We have a wealth of experience in filing complaints against those who would try to profit from violating your rights. Further, our staff will dedicate the time and resources necessary to recover against the infringing party. Contact our Los Angeles contract dispute attorney if you believe your creative works are being illegally used by others.

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