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Common Questions: Contract Disputes

What can be done to successfully avoid the theft of our trade secrets?
There is little doubt that the skill with which your contract is crafted will have a great deal to do with how well you are protected. No contract involving trade secrets should be "boilerplate" but should instead be individually crafted and carefully worded. There is little protection from unethical business practices other than the quality of the contracts you have signed. If you have a contract with an individual or business entity and you believe that your trade secrets have been stolen, illegal disclosed, or otherwise misused, then you need to have your situation reviewed by a legal professional from our firm. Whether the case is resolved through negotiations or must be tried, the quality of your representation is critical in matters involving trade secrets.

How can our company get out of a binding contract?
Once again, the language in the contract you signed is the key issue. Many contracts are written with language that is open to interpretation. Allow our firm to review your contract - it is possible that you can be freed from the contractual obligations if the right actions are taken. We can help.

Does a contract need to be written by an attorney in order to be enforceable?
Essentially, no, but it should be. The problem with contracts is that they are often poorly drafted and include areas that are easily disputed. In cases like this, the actual legal language used in drafting the contract is of great importance. A contract is a contract, whether it is on a napkin, sealed with a handshake, or drafted by a lawyer. Having an attorney draft your important contracts can help you avoid problems should there be a breach. Moreover, under state law, certain types of legal contracts must be in writing.

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